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Grant Crocker, Thank you!

As per Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association ( the AMMNA annual general meeting was on Saturday 16th of May. Grant Crocker decided not to re-nominate for the position of president, bringing to an end his highly successful and invaluable 12 year term and 15 years on the committee. Grant has overseen the rejuvenation of Men's & Mixed Netball across Australia, being at the helm for a significant growth in teams (11 in 2008 to a registered 47 in 2020), state/territory participation and membership (2 states in 2008 to 7 states and ADF in 2020) and umpire pool nominations, up to 63 nominations in 2020.

For all of his effort, Western Australian Men's & Mixed netballers are saying a huge thank you to Grant for getting us to where we are today.

“The West Coast Men’s & Mixed Netball Association would like to take this opportunity to thank Grant for his time, dedication and service to the sport over the past 12 years as president and prior to that in various roles across the organisation. Without Grant's leadership and drive to improve the men's & mixed netball scene we certainly wouldn't be in the position we are in today moving forward.

Specifically, we in WA would like to thank Grant for his time and assistance over the past five years in getting WA back to nationals and competing in the best Men’s & Mixed competition in the world.

We look forward to working with Andrew and the AMMNA executive to further progress the sport and are excited to see what the next few years can bring in the Men’s and Mixed space” - Jerome Gillbard (WCMMNA President)


Andrew Simons takes the reigns as President and a new executive was voted in on various term lengths (see link above for more information).

We caught up with Andrew to discuss all things Men’s and Mixed moving forward, here’s what he had to say;

"1. What are your priorities for the association moving forward?

Whilst there are a number of things we can look to develop moving forward, I think the key things for me are to further develop both the AMMNA and state pathways from grass roots to the high performance environment. Secondly, to further develop our high performance product into a marketable and sought after piece of the sporting scene, both within Australia and across the world.

2. How can we, or what should we be doing to take that next step?

Given the current COVID situation, we have the time now to sit down and plan out the points mentioned above and a few other things.

I really want to get a subcommittee focusing on domestic/grass roots, the junior programs and player pathways. We can involve states that have great programs pathways already to help the smaller states and have a consistent approach across the country, ensuring the future and growth of the sport. Secondly, an elite/high performance subcommittee to maintain and further the high performance growth over the last few years.

3. Thoughts on a push to establish a relationship with Netball Australia?

Definitely keen. I’m not sure we can be traveling along side of them, I think what I’d aim for would be for AMMNA to become affiliated.

I’m not really sure what ground has already been covered before, but I am keen to get in touch and see where we stand. The first step is to get in the room!” - Andrew Simons (Incoming AMMNA President)


West Coast Men’s & Mixed Netball Association also held their Annual General Meeting over the weekend and would like to welcome the new and returning committee for the 2021 season. Kristie Leahy comes back onto the committee in our Secretary role and Rachel Williams joins us in a community engagement capacity. All other positions remain the same.


Photo Credits:

Grant Crocker: PowerShots Photography


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