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Men's Netball: A Documentary

Men’s netball has a significant and fast-growing interest in Australia amongst male audiences. A recent study by Roy Morgan also shows that about half a million men in Australia watch the elite women’s league - Suncorp Super Netball - on TV, accounting for one third of the total viewership*.

Recently, the State of the Game Review** conducted by Netball Australia with former Australian Diamonds legend Liz Ellis as Chair, outlined the massive growth of men playing netball across Australia - up 28% between 2016-2019. This is the highest rate of growth for any sport for men in Australia and because of this growth, Men’s netball was identified in the review as a strong area of growth for the State and Australian netball governing bodies.

The speed, skill and high energy will leave you wanting to see more.


Rising to the Occasion: 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'

Rising to the Occasion is a StoryBoard Production Australia documentary taking a look into the fast-paced sport of Men’s Netball. The first documentary of its kind on men's netball is set for release late 2021 with significant wide release in Australia and New Zealand.

The documentary follows high-performance athletes from Australian State and Territory representative men’s teams, learning of their dedication, commitment and passion for the sport and their quest for national championship glory. The documentary explores the vulnerabilities and often hardship of the players as they struggle with self-doubt, mental health issues and overcoming adversity from their youth, each opening up to tell their stories, sometimes publicly for the very first time.

In the documentary we witness months of hard work and training, personal strength and growth and the pride they have for their state. The importance of their journey lies in knowing the weight they carry on their shoulders of the history that came before them and the legacy they will leave for future generations. Featuring the voice of netball in Australia, Sue Gaudion, the documentary explores the evolution of men's netball in Australia and the ever-growing popularity across the country.

For those who have been following Rising to the Occasion you will have seen how much work has already gone into production, which is being finalised over the next few months, culminating in filming at the AMMNA Championships in July 2021. StoryBoard Productions Australia are aiming for an end of 2021 release, showing the world the inspiring stories behind men's netball.

It is a great opportunity for brands to get on board and support this film!


How can you help?

Storyboard Productions are seeking support (sponsorship) for the ongoing production and release costs of the documentary. Any contribution, cash or in-kind goods and services will be much appreciated and recognised. Rising to the Occasion, will be targeting a variety of release options such as cinemas, online platforms and traditional broadcast in both Australia and New Zealand, through their distributor, The Backlot Films.

The documentary has potential for significant audience reach and sponsors would have visibility across theatrical, broadcast and online platforms giving brands maximum exposure to audiences in multiple countries. If you are interested in supporting this documentary and would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with program director Nathan Dart directly.

We know the men's netball community already gives so much each year to the sport, small contributions are welcome! Please share this with any contacts that you may have (individuals or corporate); anyone willing to invest who care about these amazing stories behind men's netball.


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