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Thunder 2020/2021 Trials

The West Coast Men's & Mixed Netball Association committee are pleased to be able to announce our trial dates for the 2020/2021 West Coast Thunder campaign. Two dates have been allocated to select athletes and fill current vacancies within the 2019/2020 program. Successful athletes and teams will compete at the Australian Men's & Mixed Netball Association National Championships in Adelaide over Easter 2021. Information, flyer and Facebook events are below - we encourage anyone interested to nominate and trial.

When: Sunday 8th (3pm) and 22nd of November (4pm) 2020

Where: Gold Netball Centre

Divisions**: 17&U, 23&U, Mixed (Reserve & Open), Men's (Reserve & Open)

Cost: $30

** The committee has a meeting set for October 29th where the possibility of additional team selections will be discussed. Please check back on this news article after then for further updates.


Returning athletes and registered trialists are welcome to attend Thunder optional fitness and conditioning sessions prior to trials. The Thunder calendar; training dates and locations can be found (and subscribed to) on our website.

Other key dates for all interested and returning athletes are listed below, please ensure they are put into your calendar so you are available when requested;

Optional Fitness commences: Tuesday 3rd November

Compulsory Fitness commences: Tuesday 1st December

Strength & Conditioning Sessions commence: Week of 30th November

Information & Awards day 5th December (information portion compulsory for all athletes and staff)

Court Sessions commence: Sunday 13th December

More information for all the events above will be provided within the calendar (link above) as well as at our information day on 5th of December.

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