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Putting on a Clinic

Seven Thunder athletes joined the Kalamunda & Districts Netball Association (KDNA) to run a development clinic for 15&U boys from across the Perth Metropolitan region.

While previous clinics have seen variable success, last night's had a record 28 boys within the age group involved from across Perth. This was such a huge turnout and one that shows the potential of this currently under-tapped netball market. A huge thank-you to KDNA for hosting the clinic and to all of the athletes that volunteered their time to help deliver the program, speak about their experiences and the pathway that currently exists for boys in our sport.

23&U athlete Elliot Clark described the night as;

"an awesome opportunity to help develop the future of our sport. We took the kids through some drills and ended with match play. They all seemed to have so much fun, hopefully they all learnt something and we can see them all in Thunder colours very soon!"

Given the success of last night's clinic we have decided to collect information pertinent to running our own boys competition. President, Jerome Gillbard says;

"The boys program will allow to further develop the pathway and attempt to bridge the current gap between the 12&U age group allowed at associations and our 17&U program at Thunder. We encourage all boys/parents/families to complete the survey below and hopefully we can get something off the ground to help out the future generations."

Our volunteers have designed a survey to capture the relevant data for a potential boys program and we welcome and encourage anyone that is eligible to complete it, share it and help us get as much interest as possible! A link to the survey is below.

Any association wanting assistance in running a boys development program please get in contact with Kristie Leahy (Secretary) and we can begin discussions and planning around a suitable date and location.

If you have boys in the 15-17 years old range looking to play then please keep an eye out on our social media pages for our upcoming trial information!


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