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New Staff Wanted!

The tremendous support from the WA Netball community and impressive trial registrations has enabled us to look towards expanding our squad moving into 2021. However, with any expansion it means we need more staff!

We are calling on any interested team managers and coaches (appropriately accredited) within the WA community that may be interested in joining the West Coast Thunder program (read family), and embark on the journey to the Australian Men's & Mixed National Championships.

All of the details for the program, including key dates, costs and other relevant information is listed below. We encourage anyone interested to apply and/or get in contact ( for more information.

AMMNA Championships:

When: Friday 2nd of April - Sunday 11th of April 2021

Where: Adelaide, South Australia

Who: Either a 20&U team and/or an additional mixed (trial quality dependent)

West Coast Thunder Program:

What: Here is a link to our calendar, where you can see our schedule until Christmas. Please note, staff are only required to attend the fitness session on a rotating basis

Cost: Approx. $1,000


Coaches: Minimum development level accreditation

Team Managers: No official accreditation required, experience desired

We are also seeking staff to join our current teams. An assistant coach (Mixed Open) and team manager (Mixed Reserve) is required to complete our current teams. If this is something that would interest you, please complete the form below.

Please get in touch and/or apply via the survey here!

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