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Thunder Safe(WA)


The WA Government recently announced that as of 5 December 2020 community and sporting facilities will be required to maintain a mandatory contact register for all patrons. This reintroduction of contact registers by the state government is an additional protection measure and will assist with WA Department of Health contact tracing of COVID-19, should it be required.

Given this requirement, we are advising all our members that as of this Saturday, WCMMNA's suppliers will be required to collect the name, telephone number and arrival time of all patrons, staff and visitors that attend our sessions. Information will be collected primarily through the SafeWA app which has been developed by the WA Government and is an online contact register system that uses QR Codes for patrons and staff to scan to register their attendance.

Any WCMMNA member attending any of the following premises as part of their Thunder program will be required to register via the SafeWA app and QR code;

  • Ray Owen Sports Centre

  • Gold Netball Centre

  • WA Sports Performance

  • Forte Physiotherapy

  • WCMMNA run fitness sessions

The app is a free, easy, contactless solution and the information recorded is stored securely by the WA Government for 28 days and accessed, only if needed, by WA Health contact tracers. Data is not stored, managed or accessible by WCMMNA. More information around the app can be found on the WA Government website, here.

We encourage all members to download the SafeWA app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store prior to attending their first session this will ensure a quicker entry experience. Members who do not have a smart phone will be able to provide their details to one of our staff, however we are encouraging the use of the app.

Failing to comply with the new requirements to maintain a contact register could result in fines and penalties of up to $50,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a business or 12 months’ imprisonment.

We have received the following information from Ray Owen regarding entry procedure and we will update as our other venues update their procedures;

Ray Owen

The following entry procedure will be used for ALL patrons (including umpires, players, supporters, staff, etc.) attending the premises until further advised by the State Government:

Patrons will be required to enter through the designated and signed entry door at the main foyer. Upon entering the premises, all attendees will be required to scan the QR Code with your individual app. We will be required to see the confirmation screen. If you don't have a smartphone with the SafeWA app then you can provide the required contact details to the staff member who will manually enter the details. Only after confirmation of successful registration will members be allowed into the stadium.

More information on the State Government announcement, the SafeWA App and other frequently asked questions relating the requirement for contact registers at venues can be found in the links below:

We understand that the introduction of these new entry processes may cause some initial inconvenience to our members, but we thank you all for doing your bit to keep WA safe.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


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